Product Care

Product care

The British Belt Company products use the finest Italian and British leathers.

There are any different leathers and treatments used, some more delicate than others. As your accessories age you should care for them.

As a natural material leather can vary with colour or occasional imperfections, but this is all part of its charm! However wear and superficial marks can be cared for using a leather care product. We recommend that you use a leather care product to clean the leather and protect. Our carefully selected collection of Collonil products are tailored to suit the particular leathers ideal for bags, belts and accessories. Please find below our guide to care products or refer to your particular product page for further details:

Collonil 1909 Leather Cream Cleaning, nourishing and polishing cream. For high quality smooth leathers and nappa. Contains valuable oils.
Collonil Colour Stop Spray to prevent colour transfer from your accessories.
Collonil Delicate Cream Delicate cleaning and caring cream for smooth leather.
Collonil Leather Gel Waterproofing gel for all leathers. Suitable for suede and nubuck.
Collonil Nubuck Box Foam rubber sponge with a crepe side for cleaning suede and nubuck.
Collonil Polishing Cloth Quality polishing cloth for care product application.
Collonil Rustical Lotion Preserves and protects greased leather, oiled nubuk and rustic leathers. With sponge applicator.
Collonil Soft Gum Gum rubber cleaning block for smooth leather. Perfect for removing surface or pen marks.
Collonil Wax Leather Cream Cleans and cares for fine leather. Waterproofing care cream specifically designed for lightly waxed leather with a natural finish. This product does not shine the leather, leaving it the same natural finish as before.

General Product Care

We advise you should avoid running smooth leathers against sharp surfaces to minimise scratching.

Try to keep your leather accessories away from water or heavy rainfall. However, if your item does get wet, remove any excess water with paper towels, stuff the bag to retain shape and allow it to dry naturally. To prevent colour fading, try to avoid leaving your leather accessories in direct sunlight. Try to not rub coloured leathers against light coloured clothing, as this can transfer onto the fabric. Whilst avoid rubbing dark coloured clothing against light coloured leathers. As a general rule we would recommend you do not overfill your bags, as this can lose their shape.

If you have any specific enquiries about caring for your product, please contact Customer Services