Made with love and made to last. But only with a touch of care.

From bags to belts to small leather goods, leather will naturally develop a unique patina over time, creating a cherished leather good that lasts a lifetime. Despite this, superficial marks and general wear can disrupt the natural process. Which is why you should follow these simple rules to promise leather that truly gets better with age.


Keep leather out of the rain and do not store it in damp or humid environments, as this will ruin the hide and encourage mildew to grow.  It’s also important to avoid direct sunlight, especially when storing your belts. If left in the sunlight for long periods of time, the rich patina of your belt leather could fade, leaving you with a discoloured shade of what it once was.

Depending on preference, you should hang your belts on a belt rack, or belt ring, to preserve their quality. Especially if you’ve invested in a heavy-duty, expensive formal belt that doesn’t bend so easily. The other option, if you’re short on space, is to roll your belts and store them in a drawer.

Some types of leather can also transfer onto clothing – and vice versa – especially delicate suede and nubuck lining. The best product to counteract this is Collonil Colour Stop. Spray on the reverse side of any leather or suede before your first wear, to prevent colour transfer and discolouration.

how to care for your full grain leather belt by the british belt company


Below, you’ll find a list of the leather used across our accessories range and the best products to care for each.

All types of leather:

Collonil Leather Gel is a dirt and water-repellent, waterproof gel for all types of leather; from full grain leather to nubuck and suede. It will nourish your hide with a colour-activating effect. For application, the Collonil Polishing Cloth is a must-have for every leather owner. It’s perfect for applying creams and gels to your goods, and makes a great daily polishing tool. The fact this cloth is washable also guarantees a long lifespan at a smart price.

Smooth and full grain leather:

For high quality, smooth and napa leather care, shop the classic, Collonil 1909 Leather Cream. It contains nourishing oils and substances designed to leave your leather as good as new. Another option for smooth and full grain leather is Collonil Delicate Cream. It does exactly what it says on the tin; cleans and cares for delicately-smooth leather.

One final product to have on your radar when purchasing smooth leather is Collonil Soft Gum. This is a soft cleaning rubber ideal for buffing surface or pen marks out of fine leather.

buffing surface marks out of fine leather, collonil soft gum

Suede and nubuck:

For suede and nubuck belts, use Collonil Nubuck Box. This rubber sponge is a gentle, dry-use cleaner with a crepe layer, specifically designed to care for soft hide. As mentioned above, it’s also an idea to use Collonil Colour Stop to preserve the suede colour.

cleaning suede and nubuck belts

Oiled nubuck, greased and rustic leather:

Collonil Rustical Lotion is a nourishing cream for greased leather and oiled nubuck. It also works wonders on course, rustic hides. With a sponge applicator included, it preserves, protects and prevents leather from drying out.

Lightly waxed leather:

For lightly-waxed, fine leather, use Collonil Wax Leather Cream. This product doesn’t shine the leather, it returns it to its original natural state.

Collonil offer a variety of leather-care products, from lotions to soaps, waxes and sponges. If you’d like to browse further before deciding on a leather care product, be sure to check out their website for all the items on offer.

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