Adlington Gladstone Bag


The Adlington Gladstone Bag is The British Belt Company's take on this iconic leather bag. Crafted using premium antique pull up leather, this holdall is perfect for overnight stops and weekend breaks. We've also added a few features to bring this bag into the 21st century, including: a Houndstooth lining with internal zip pockets, a detachable shoulder strap, and a top carry handle.

Hinged Luggage was once not the norm. In the mid-19th century, a certain leather hinged bag started to become popular with folks who liked to travel. The bag offered many advantages over other luggage options at the time. It offered better protection thanks to its rigid frame, as well preventing belongings from going astray with a closing top. It’s sleek design also meant it didn’t look out of place as even the most stylish of traveller’s luggage. Designed by leather shop owner J.G Beard, the bag owes its name to William Ewart Gladstone. Gladstone was a keen traveller , as well as serving for 12 years as the British Prime Minister. But, the bag which was around in Gladstone's time, only loosely resembled today's 'Gladstone Bags'. The original, 19th century design was still built around a frame, but it closed using leather ties. The bag was completely made from leather, this gave it both strength and durability. It quickly gained popularity, and soon established itself as an icon in the world of travelling bags- renowned for both its style and practicality. Travelling the world with just a Gladstone bag for company was not unheard of!

The Gladstone bag was superseded by the suitcase as the bag of choice for travellers. The rise of air travel meant that people wanted to take more things with them, and that meant bigger luggage! But by this time, the Gladstone bag had found itself as the choice accessory for many people. Doctors praised the design on account of it's professional appearance and functionality. Many Gladstone bags are purpose made for customers within the medical profession. Its self-standing and filing features making it of particular usefulness to doctors.

Far from its Westminster origins, the Gladstone bag of today is a much more refined offering. Shoulder straps, top carry handles, internal zip pockets, and separate compartments make the Gladstone bag as functional as it is stylish. For the more fashion conscious, there are now many offerings which use different materials and colours. These are far removed from the traditional black and brown leather Gladstone offerings.

Model carries black Gladstone weekender.

More Information
Bag Styles Weekender
Strap/Handle Detachable / Adjustable Shoulder, Top Carry
Material Antique Pull Up Leather
Lining Tonal Dog Tooth
Made in India
Dimensions 27 x 49 x 18cm
New No
Sale No
Special Price 200.00
Buckle Width No
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